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About Us 2022

The Virginia What-ney company?  (chutney)

The Turner family have always enjoyed eating and making chutney and they happened to live in parts of the world that had a food culture that included chutney.    Clare and Nevill both grew up in England but met in the Caribbean where they made mango chutney and had two sons, Oliver and Christopher.

They then moved to Virginia, where Clare studied to become a teacher.  During an anthropology class on Food Culture, she learned that the American South had a tradition of chutney making and wondered, “then why are grocery stores importing chutneys from India and England?”  

An interesting thing about chutney is how its ingredients and applications reflect the region where itsmade.   For instance, in India (where it all started), they use tamarind chutneys with curry, the English love apple chutney with Ploughman's lunch, Caribbean cuisine serves mango chutney on fish, New England loves cranberries and maybe Laplanders enjoy cloudberry chutney on reindeer! However, here in Virginia, traditional chutneys include peaches, apples, plums and green tomatoes that are served with cheese biscuits, ham sandwiches, and roast pork.  

Our favorite way to serve chutney is with cheese and charcuterie and that’s why all our chutneys were created with cheese boards in mind!  Mango with cheddar or salami, Spicy Plum on brie, and Fig chutney on prosciutto or blue cheese are a few of our go-to pairings.

Thanks to our supportive community, our dedicated and clever employees, and our tasteful, charming, entertaining and generous customers what started as a family hobby has grown into a business with our own professional food factory and the support of a national network of cheese shops and supermarket deli departments.

Try our chutneys!


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Please Note: though we are unable to provide tours of our facility at this time, we hope to do so in the future. Save time and check back often or call ahead.